About Me and FAQ

About Me

My name is Eric and I’m a watch enthusiast. My interest in watches started in 2013 when I became part of the watch community on Reddit. I started selling watch straps and accessories in 2018.

I believe getting a watch strap at a reasonable price with free shipping should be easy. I quickly realized there are straps all over the place in terms of price and quality when I started buying nylon, silicon, leather, and quick release straps five years ago. After I heard the same complaints from friends that didn’t want to pay $50 for a top of the line nylon strap I started sourcing straps in spring of 2018. Since then I have bought, worn, test and worked to protype over 100 straps.


Why buy from SeaDogStraps?

When you buy straps from this website, you are buying from me. I am a veteran-owned business, plus you are also supporting the watch community. I am especially active on the Reddit on the watch sub-reddits and I frequent some other watch forums. I also re-investing in new watch strap models.

Shipping and Returns

Questions about shipping and returns can be answered on the shipping and returns page.


My bands are designed to fit most watches that use standard spring bars and have lug widths from 18mm-24mm. If you are not sure how to determine the lug width of your watch, check out my fitting guide or contact me. In the near future, I hope to expand to add uncommon sizes.