Fitting Guide

Watch Fitting Guide

Steps to properly determine what watch strap you need

The ‘lug width’ is simply the internal width measured between the lugs (where the watch strap fits) of the watch. The best way to determine a correct strap is to measure your watch. The width of a watch band is measured in centimeters (cm).


You can also try checking the if the size of the watch band is listed on the underside of your current strap. It is also possible to search online for the model and make of your watch. If you are searching online some watches come in different sizes or lug widths.

Buy watch straps to fit the correct lug width

  • If your watch as an odd sized lugs (eg. 19mm,21mm,23mm) and you are interested in my nylon straps, buy 1mm wider is typically the way to go.
  • If you have a smart watch with a heart rate monitor, do not go with the NATO style strap or one piece strap as it will block the heart rate monitor, get a two piece strap like the quillfish quick release strap.
  • For quick release straps it is important that your order the exact width your watch requires or the spring bars will not fit correctly.

Swap it around

  • Some of my watch straps are designed to be swapped in and out in a few seconds without tools like the quillfish quick release. Change it throughout the week to wear your mood or fit your activity and occasion.

What about length?

My straps list the length in centimeters.  My straps vary in length but most fit a wrist between 5 1/2″ and 8 1/2″ inches circumference, this will cover the vast majority of both men and women. Please each strap for specific measurements.